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How do water behave with no gravity - video

  1. Aug 30, 2007 #1
    found this, and thought you guys will enjoy it too =)
    so here you go:
    The movie
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    Wow, I want a Sphere of Water to play with!
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    I'd like a pair of them. Maybe it's cause I'm a guy.
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    This is so cool, the Effervescent demo is great!
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    They're obviously real...
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    A great way to study the spherical harmonics of Bessel functions, or the evolution of planetoids.
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    glad you like it, i thought you guy would appreciate it.
    i also found a 2D standing wave demonstration:
    The movie

    and have a look at this site:
    over here
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    That is way cool.

    Don Pettit is one of the astronauts trapped on the space station after the last Shuttle disaster. I worked with his brother until he took early retirement a few years ago.
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    The whole set can be found here. I didn't see them on youtube.
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    i don't really agree that that is demonstration of a standing wave
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    sure it is, the rice is vibrated off the parts with amplitude to the nodes, and thats why you get these shapes... it's mapping the nodes.
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