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Courses How do you deal with courses you just hate?

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    So, how do you do it?

    I have this problem where I just don't want to do anything.

    For example, I hate probability and statistics. I just can't find myself to put any work in it. I'd be happy with B-. I'm used to getting A's, but I hate that class so much I don't care whatsoever what my grade is. As long as I pass without affecting my average too much.

    It's not that I can't do better. I can do better.

    I'm getting more of a motivation to do my work now, but more so because I want a decent grade.

    I enjoy courses like Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Linear Algebra (not application), Topology, and the like.

    So, you guessed it. I hate applications. :mad: They bore me to the bones!

    Anyways, have you had classes you just hated? How did you manage to do it? What was the motivation?

    Note: I have plenty of lame courses to take this year. I freaking hate it. It feels like I'm spending thousands of dollars on garbage. :grumpy: I'm more than happy to take other mathematics courses. Why must I take freaking Statistics, Probability, Optimization, Computer Applications, and so on...?! I'm going to snap one day. I can't wait for graduate school, so that I can finish doing things I utterly hate.
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    Typically I tried to find something interesting in the boringness. I had to do something like that when I took advanced combinatorics: the class was entirely CS majors or Math majors, and here's the lone physics major, bored out of his mind of counting things. The key is to realize that these things are actually important.

    For example: are you familiar with probabilistic methods of proof? It definitely involves a knowledge of probability, and it's pretty challenging and sufficiently abstract that you'd probably like it.

    Also, I laugh at your belief that you no longer have to do things you hate in graduate school.
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    I knew I would get that comment. :tongue2:

    But I doubt the bad things are as bad as having like 6-7 classes out of 9 that you HATE!
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    Here's my solution: If you really hate a class, just don't attend it (except for mid-terms, finals, homework turn-in, etc). I didn't do this terribly often, but sometimes I had a professor that was so bad I felt like I was getting stupider by attending the class. Personal study was enough for me in those instances.
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    I get nothing out of watching a professor do example problems in class. This semester, I'm taking a class that is a combination of some microcontroller programming and static’s and dynamics. I found the first half of the class interesting, the microcontroller part, but now that we are into the static’s and dynamics part, I'm so bored I could cry. So I'm doing what the previous poster suggested, just not going. All he does is spend 10 mins on some theory that I can get out of any statics/dynamics text book and spends the rest of the hour working example after example. I see absolutely no point at all in driving the 45 mins out to school and sitting through a 1 hour lecture 3 times a week watching the professor work problems that are nothing more then applications of things I learned in Calc III, linear algebra, and diff EQ. If I had another class mon, wed, and fri, it would be worth the drive, but not for this.
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    Study with friends?
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    I thought about that, but there aren't many students in the class. For those that I know, they do not care to do so anyways.

    If I want a little math talk, I go to my professors. The next closest thing is helping students. That's about it. No one is interested in mathematics in the classroom period.

    I'm all alone on this.

    Another reason I'm excited for graduate school, I can't wait to make good friends with a fellow classmate and just chat up math. :tongue2:
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    Umm, try to remember back in high school why you were excited for undergrad. If it's at all similar, be careful?

    I know that I cant wait for college for many reasons, hehe
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    If you know a hitman, you're problems could be... resolved quite efficiently ;] jk

    I know bad teachers very well. My advice would be to block them out of your mind and find things to look forward to in your day. Optomism is a good helper
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    Just remember that the semester isn't that long. We get so upset about courses, because for some reason we think we'll have to do that every day for"ever". It's a feeling that goes back to grade school. I guess we were serfs in a past life. (What are the statistics on that?) I try not to waste too much time hating them anymore, because inevitably the semester flies by and I do get something out of the course. I get nightmares about being in them again though. *shivers*
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    It's not the professor that makes it so boring.

    It's the material itself. I hate the material period. You can get very entertaining people to teach it, yet I won't be interested. I find things like Probability and Statistics really dull. :grumpy:
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    why do you find it dull? After all, all of the pure stuff cant really be applied in the real world. Probability has many applications in many fields. So what really is the point of studying abstract, pure math when it won't really have any significant applications to the real world (other than self-satisfaction)?
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    So why are you taking it? My attitude towards courses I don't like is, arrange it so I never take them in the first place, and withdraw from them if it turns out I don't like them by midsemester. Is statistics a degree requirement? (it isn't one here unless you do statistics concentration)

    I didn't like my stats classes because my prof was terrible. He was physically very sick and could barely make it through a class. But stats is used in information theory, so it interests me. Why would you dislike a subject just because it has an application?
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    try to make friends with someone who loves the course. enthusiasm is contagious.
  16. Nov 1, 2006 #15
    Probability and Statistics is required by my major, which is software engineering! I am taking that course right now and I don't like it at all, for the sake of the material itself, not the teacher.
    I tried but could not like it. Though I love algebra and analysis.
    I have here too many courses required which I don't like. :grumpy:
    Know what I do with these? I attend classes , because I would never study the materials myself. I would bring to the class with the materials needed for the course and also bring materials of another course which I hate so that whenever the class made me want to die, I would just start to hit the book of the other boring course which would become a pleasure in some sense.:rolleyes:
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    i used to hate statistics
    but then i tried to investigate the notion of inner product and variance then relate them into statistical mechanics
    today i was learning how to use functional analysis in semiparametric estimations.
    it is just depends on you.
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    why doesnt anybody like probability and statistics?
  19. Nov 1, 2006 #18
    Because they are boring as hell. :wink:
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    I hate to say it, but I basically slept through my Probability & Statistics lectures. For some reason, I could NOT stay awake for an hour and a half in that class. I've never done that before in a course, but just listening to an asian dude talk only to the blackboard was too much.

    What I did was I bought extra textbooks. That way, when I was doing the HW or studying for an exam, I had plenty of references.

    Hopefully this isn't a common occurance for you, taking classes you hate.
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    It't not really, but this year it is. I like the lectures of the one course, but I hate the material we are learning. The prof. is a good lecturer so I'm always there.

    Yeah, probability and statistics just suck. I hesitate to even call it math.
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