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How do you force a citation to appear before a comma in LaTeX?

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    I have a sentence reading:


    Someone said something super important\cite{someone20}, and it was super interesting.

    1) Someone, science journal, 2020.

    Except it actually comes out with the ^1 AFTER the comma. I want it to appear superscript to the name not a comma. How?

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    Put a space between \cite{someone20} and the comma after it.
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    but when i did this there is now a space netween the citation and the comma. I want it to read



    thing^ref ,
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    It's presumably not designed to work like that (because the comma should be after the word, and not after the superscript citation). Try forcing the comma back with some \! between the \cite and the comma.
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    Does putting an intervening {} work? That's the usual method for these sorts of things.
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    yes that, ({}) worked, cheers
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