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How do you know which field in maths is for you or not?

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    I don't know about you, but I get a feeling that anyone who enjoys maths tend to enjoy all areas of maths. However some areas will be preferred more then others. The question is how can one tell? i.e How can one tell which area one should go into (to do as research for instance)?
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    I know for me, if I find myself actually paying attention to what the professor is saying and not just blindly copying down the notes then I like that subject.
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    One usually knows it by what interests you.
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    I think the easiest way is to take a class in the subject and see if you enjoy it and do well. Usually, but not always, you'll succeed if you (a) naturally enjoy it and (b) seem to have a natural ability for it.
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    Throw the dice and let chance determine your preferrable field.
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