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How do you make a website and who likes art here

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    How do you make a website and who likes art here (or is good at designing)?
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    Re: designing

    Uhmm. I am taking a ceramics class right now.
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    Re: designing

    Cool! Is it fun?
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    Re: designing

    Huh. Your'e online.
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    Re: designing

    It is very cool. Unlimited clay and we can make anything we want. I am not a good artist but it sure is fun.

    Are you in any art classes?
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    Re: designing

    The easiest way to make a basic one is with straight coding, you can usually find a list of commands online. After that just open up a wordpad document or equivalent linix, and same as htm when your done. To make a really good one, look for DREAMWEAVER its a program designed just for webpages
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    Re: designing

    Yeah...I'm in an art class. I've been there since last-last year. The teacher says I'm good.:smile:
    I'm pretty good at designing too.
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    Re: designing

    Thank you boardaddict.
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    Re: designing

    Are you guys good at color pencils, crayons, oil paiting, or oil pastels?
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    Re: designing

    What's good? I think I'm pretty competent with pastels, crayons, and makeup (mixing up different types on paper results in awesome texture). I'm taking intro photography this semester.

    What do you need a website for? Your best bet may be going with a free site like freewebs and then uploading your own costume skins.
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    Re: designing

    If you want to design a website the best way to do it is with photoshop, then slice it up and export it... done. This is how a vast majority of websites are done, I've done it a few times but it never really interested me, I'm more into do actually art work.

    I believe I'm ok in using traditional media like paints and pastels and I think I'm 'OK' at doing computer art work as well, I don't have a tablet though so it's kind of a drag. I love doing spacescapes with photoshop
  13. Feb 22, 2010 #12
    Re: designing

    I like pastels. They're easy to work with. Crayons? Not so much. Crayons are for first graders. I like the makeup idea though. I usually work with color pencils, paint or watercolor.
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    Re: designing

    Crayons are basically pastels made out of wax instead of oil. They give their own great texture, color, and line, and are as awesome a media as any.
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    Re: designing

    Well... good point. But I don't use them alot because color pencils are more detailed.
  16. Feb 24, 2010 #15
    Re: designing

    In the hands of the right person any media can become exiting, but generally crayons are inferior to colored pencils (and oil pastels for that matter) because the wax and binder is less saturated with pigments: you get a more transparent, much less rich mark with crayons. Art quality colored pencils like Prismacolors, are smooth and rich and very saturated with pigment. Colored pencils usually have a carnauba wax base (with other proprietary binders: resins ans oils) while crayons seem to be paraffin based (which I think is why they melt in a car on a hot day). The harder carnauba wax in colored pencils allows for sharper, finer lines than crayon ("more detailed" as atthepoint said).

    There are professional artists getting amazing results with colored pencils, producing works that rival even oil paintings. Here's a high quality one I just snagged off google (images:colored pencil drawings):

    http://i.ehow.com/images/GlobalPhoto/Articles/4824814/artlessons001-main_Full.jpg [Broken]
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    Re: designing

    And that was with Prismacolor? I use Prismacolor.:smile:That's very true. It has rich layout. A lot better than Crayola's.
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  18. Feb 25, 2010 #17
    Re: designing

    I'm sure it was at least mostly done with Prismacolors. There's not many other decent brands to chose from.

    Go to Amazon here:


    This book is very good and there are actually a large number of good books on drawing with colored pencils as you can see in the "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" section at the bottom.
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    Re: designing

    Thanks, but I already have Prismacolor. I just need to buy 2 seperate colors because they're short.
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    Re: designing

    I do chinese painting (if this is how it is called) and acrylic.
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