Android music app that DOESN'T show album art?

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Hi, I've been searching for a way to turn off album art on my lockscreen for a Samsung galaxy note 3. Every time I look for something like this on the playstore, it comes up with a bunch of apps for people who WANT their album art displayed on the lockscreen while playing.

Some of the bands I listen to have questionable album art and I generally just don't like people knowing what music I like. But I can't find a way to not display the album art while playing a song. I have tried removing the .jpg file from the album folder but even after deletion, it still shows up usually. It's like there's a copy in a hidden location or something. I've even copied albums onto my phone that have never been there before, making sure not to copy the album cover art with the music, and somehow it still shows up.

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I can't help you with finding an app, but I think I know where the album art is "hidden". It's part of the metadata ("tags") in each MP3 file. That's how it works in iTunes, at least. So if you have or can find an app for editing the metadata, you might be able to get rid of the "questionable" album art that way, or replace it with something tamer.
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Search for "ID3 tag editor" - specifically, you want one that supports the ID3v2 standard.
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Is there any important reason to not give examples? (Really what am I missing here, a rule maybe?)

RocketPlayer doesn't show any pictures if you choose on the lockscreen settings: Default Lockscreen (No Art). At least the version I'm using (

The down of this lockscreen is that you cannot swipe to change songs (as of now).

THERE ARE; usually hidden copies of the art in the folders. Make sure you have hidden files visible in your computer when deleting the art. You can always make a very simple app to iteratively remove any pictures found in your music folders in case you have a lot of them.

THERE also EXIST; embeeded art into some audio files. In that case you need what AlephZero mentioned. An example here:

Just select the music folder in the program. Select all songs and right click the picture of the album art. From the menu that appears select Remove Cover. Save.

And you are done.