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How do you store (safe-keep) beam-splitters?

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    someone purchased cube beam splitter years ago, it was wrapped around in tracing paper, really delicately.

    I un-wrapped it , and used it for my experiment.

    Now, my experiment is done, and I don't know how to store it safely.

    If I leave it on the shelf carelessly, the beamsplitter will get dusty, and I don't want to do this.
    Cleaning the optics is really sensitive.

    How do you store or safe keep cube beam splitters? without getting dust and no worries about falling and breaking? (size: 1 inch X 1 inch X 1 inch)
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    Shrink wrap?
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    wrapping vinyls.... I tried that before, but those wraps left really dirty (not dust) stain on the glass surface of the cube beam splitter...

    not a good idea...
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    Actually, I didn't mean vinyl. I was referring to the type used for storing food or laminating documents. Both, as far as I know, are polyethylene-based rather than polyvinyl.
    As far as that goes, maybe you could just use an unlubricated condom and tie a knot in it.
    Another thing that might work, which the previous sentence brought to mind, is that you could just dip it into liquid latex (available from hobby shops for modelling or even fabric stores in the guise of "Speed Sew"). It will peel off cleanly with no residue when you want to open it.
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    yes, that was what I meant. the type used for storing food. that left stain on the surface.

    dipping into the liquid...

    Are there any other candidate?

    Isopropyl alcohol (stored in laboratory)
    Acetone (stored in laboratory)

    probably not acetone...
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    I'll go think on it some more...
    By the bye, I edited my last post with additions which might have been after the part that you responded to. Probably still inapplicable, but what the hey...
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    polyethylene exudes oils its not good for optics. get a couple photographers lint free lens cloths and wrap them inside and store inside a solid non ferrous box.(want extra security use the same foam lining as a photographers case.)
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