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I How does drag force change the maximum height of projectile?

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    How does air resistance change the maximum height of a projectile ?
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    Hi Ashley, :welcome:

    Simple rule of thumb: friction often works in your disadvantage, unless you want to stop something :smile:

    More sensible approach: determine the direction of the friction force and see if it makes things worse or not....

    Other approach: exaggerate the effect you're interested in. Can you throw higher under water than in the air ?
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    Ohh ok thanks !
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    I'm seeing something here that I want to comment on, especially since you are still new to this forum.

    You need to keep in mind that just because something is categorized as "physics", it doesn't necessarily mean that it is divorced from your everyday experience. You already know about many of the things that we formalize in basic physics.

    For example, push something so that it slides on a very smooth surface. Now do that again, but this time, on a rougher surface. In which case do you think it will go further?

    This, believe it or not, answers your question. Yet, it is something you should either be familiar with, or at least have an inkling on what should happen, because you have lived this long and have had a wealth of everyday experiences already. It might even be something that you can easily test by performing it yourself! The physics that you learn is describing these everyday observations!

    So whenever you have a question on something similar, when you make a post here, do not just simply leave it at that. Post also what you know, what you had tried yourself to reason out. Otherwise, based simply on what you've typed here, there is no way to know if you actually understood what you should know, or if you have made the connection with your everyday experiences.

    What we are trying to do here is to teach you how to fish, rather than simply give you the fish each time you are hungry and want something to eat.

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