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How does mathematics make you feel

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    When you solve an equation, how does it make you feel? Why do you open a book and solve every equation in it? After doing so what do you feel? I don't think solving maths problems can release adrenaline so how does it make you feel? Why do you guys continue to pursue maths?

    Do you get comfort from the certainty that math brings to an otherwise uncertain world?
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    There's many reasons for why I enjoy mathematics. One of my main reasons is the way to describe such a large variety of things using mathematics in very simple ways. For example in Linear Algebra, you can talk about many specific and different things such as vector spaces, and different types of vectors and what sets they belong to and so on. The pleasure of knowing something, and understanding it, thus applying it to other things. I don't find much of a rush in 'solving an equation' but when I'm able to answer questions I wouldn't have been able to answer on my own without mathematics.
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    I love analogies and as a result algebra holds a very special place in my heart.
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    That's like, I love tomatoes so I think ketchup is very special too.
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    I hope you don't have anything against ketchup... :grumpy:
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    On scrambled eggs, it's yummy, eggman :smile:!
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    No wait, Sriracha!
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    Yes, I guess so! But I get even more comfort from the certainty Physics brings to an apparently messy world :smile:
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    I don't know, I like Numb3rs.
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