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How does solar wind effects Geomagnetic Field?

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    Solar winds contain plasma, which are charged particles and carry Sun's magnetic field orientation, when those solar wind hits toward Earth, does anyone have any suggestions on how those plasma affects on Earth's magnetic field? and how this energy converts into different forms on Earth?

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions :>
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    I have read them, but there is not much details on how plasma particles interact with Earth's magnetic field with more detailed description.

    Do you have any suggestions on how plasma with northward polarity interacts with Earth's magnetic field in much more details in physics' issue?

    Thanks you very much for any suggestions
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    If you want details on this large of a subject, then I think the best "suggestions" we can give are things for you to read. Do you already know plasma physics? If so then it will be easier to learn what you are interested in. If not, what physics do you already know, and at what level?

    Anyway, here is an encyclopedia article from a prof. at UCLA, which has had a strong space plasma physics group for a long time:

    They also have some tutorials that may be useful:

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    I would reply later after reading them ...
    Thanks everyone very much for suggestions :>
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    NASA's THEMIS and ARTEMIS missions are studying space weather and the Sun-Earth electrical connection. Specifically THEMIS studies the electrical and magnetic field components near Earth in our magnetosphere, while ARTEMIS makes these observations from a lunar outpost to see the big picture. Below is a recent publication showing the discovery of two counter-rotating "electrical space hurricanes" generated by a pressure wave in the solar wind, similar to turbulent eddies in water (Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities).


    These plasma "hurricanes" are electrically connected to the Earth's magnetic poles, and thus are further evidence of the fundamental (invisible) electrical nature of our planet, surrounded by vast current systems that can affect weather and our technologically-dependent society.

    More info, animations, and articles on THEMIS/ARTEMIS youtube page and mission sites:

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