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How does the double slit experiment prove many worlds?

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    I`ve been reading and watching videos about the double slit experiement, and when scientist fire one electron at a time through the double slits, and the do not interfere, how does that prove that there are more dimensions and that sub atomic particles are in a superstate. How does that prove anything really?
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    If you fire single electrons you can get interference. If you do not get it and the experiment is carried out properly, something additional is going on (please explain what).

    This has nothing to do with the number of dimensions.

    What does "superstate" mean? Do you mean superposition? There is no proper explanation of interference that does not use superpositions in some way and superposition can explain it, so apparently superposition is a good model.
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    It doesn't prove anything, but it tells us something important: Any theory we come up with must predict that an interference pattern will form if it is possible for the electrons to go through either slit, but will not form if it is possible for the electrons to go through either slit.

    So far, quantum mechanics with its notion of superposition is the only theory that works well at predicting this behavior.
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