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How does undergrad school effect my chance of getting into grad school

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    I will be finishing at a community college this summer and will be transferring this fall. The problem is I am not sure where I want to go, so I was wondering will the university I choose for my undergraduate studies effect my acceptance into graduate school?

    P.S. I plan on getting my Ph.D. in mathematics
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    Not much if you do well and do some research, unless your going to a really horrid or really great school the difference is negligible
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    It does make a difference (for top schools) but not too much if your research experience is good and you have high GRE scores. Typically grad schools will also mostly look at your most recent institution (and where the degree was awarded from... so if you're going to be applying to the top-ten kind of grad schools, you do need to consider this in your current round of applications at the undergrad level.
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