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How fast does liquid nitrogen expand

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    i would like to know how fast and how much liquid nitrogen (-200 degrees Celsius) expands when it is heated with gasses of about 3000 degrees Celsius
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    Veeerrrrryyyyyy fast!
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    Without more info, we can't be any more specific than that. It isn't just a matter of how hot the gas going in is, but how fast it is percolated through (and therefore how fast energy is put in).
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    See posts #2 and 3 for how fast. As for how much - that can be easily estimated. In going from liquid at 73K to liquid at 77K, there is hardly any change in specific volume. In going from liquid to gas at 77K, there's an expansion by a factor of about 180. And in going from gas at 77K to gas at 3273K, there's a further expansion of a factor of about 43. The net increase in specific volume is thus, a factor of about 7700.
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