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How good are this physics/engineering programs?

  1. Oct 18, 2015 #1
    Hello guys! How are you? So, as you may know, im quite torn between physics and mechanical engineering. I decided that I probably will do both, as Im interested in both of them. I will study in the University of Buenos Aires or in ITBA. I want to know how good do this programs look as I will start my first career in the one which's program is more competitive with top level universities. Here is the link to the programs:

    Mechanical Engineering UBA: http://www.fi.uba.ar/archivos/Actualizacion_2010_Plan_de_Estudios_Mecanica.pdf [Broken]

    Mechanical Engineering ITBA: http://itba.edu.ar/es/grado/estudiar-en-el-itba/ingenier%C3%ADa-mecánica [Broken]

    Physics UBA: http://www.uba.ar/download/academicos/carreras/lic-csfisicas.pdf [Broken]

    Your opinions will really help me and are greatly appreciate it. As I want my education to be the best I can possibly get!

    Thank you!!
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    Read your other post and tried to decipher the pamphlets from UBA and ITBA, but my spanish isn't good enough to get a good picture.
    I'm a physicist, so don't expect a neutral answer from me. But if you want some advice: go around and find a few guys with the degrees you are considering. Talk to them and perhaps you discover that an education is only one factor. You yourself are the most important factor.

    And now my (unreliable) answer: when I read your "I like physics because I question everything" my gut feeling is that your curiosity may be better put to good use in physics than in engineering. But that really is a guess.

    And your ambition is no problem at all: you can help humanity by building a water well where there isn't one or by discovering a way to save energy making drinking water from seawater without using so much energy.

    Ah, and: at a certain point distinctions between disciplines become very fuzzy. Interdisciplinary subjects are often very exciting too.

    Whatever you pick, do it thoroughly.
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