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How great is the tension of the wire

  1. Mar 8, 2006 #1
    can anyone help me with this question.

    A 1.6m long steel piano wire has a diameter of 0.2 cm. How great is the tension (in Newtons) in the wire if it stretches 0.3 cm when tightened ?

    Assume an elastic modulus of steel = 2 x10^11 N/m^2)
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    I read the top were it says about showing your working that you do have.

    I'm actually participating in a game not doing homework, it's a competition on an Australian Forum state versus state and I am the only person from my state so sometimes I need that little extra help and use helpful places like this.

    Any help would be appreciated even a few steps in the right direction
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    Do you know Hookes law - The tension in a spring is directly proportional to the enlargement or compression. The string must be elastic and must be following Hookes law.
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