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How i determine number of bolts on flange

  1. Sep 27, 2014 #1
    how i determine number of bolts on flange
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    You will have to tell us much more before we will be able to give you a helpful answer. Are you building something and you want help deciding how to design a particular flange? Are you asking what resources are used by engineers to design such things? Or are you asking what theory and experiment lies behind these resources?
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    Look at your local codes for flanges at the pressure and size that you are operating at. Alternatively go on a flange manufacturers web site they'll give you details.
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    flange dia-335mm
    pcd- 290 mm
    bolt size - M12
    Is it ok?
    If yes then provide proper calculation with formulas
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    Depending on your application, it might be easier to determine what pressure rating you need and along with your flange diameter 335 mm which is around 13 inches, look for a a flange rating chart. This will tell you the size of bolts and number of bolts for that flange of that particular rating.

    Otherwise, you will need a bit more information for your flange.
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