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How is mass density affected by speeds near c?

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    basically what is the relationship between mass density at "zero" speed and mass density at speeds nearing the speed of light (0.98c,0.99c etc)

    in the form M = [tex]\gamma[/tex] Mo if possible

    Thanks a lot guys!
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    sorry just saw that this should have gone in the H/W section :uhh:
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    Isn't that the answer to your own question?
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    well, i mean i took a guess that it takes that form, but is gamma squared or cubed?...anything that could change the proportionality...you know :)

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    If by "mass density" you mean "relativistic mass / volume" then yes, gamma is squared:

    gamma = 2 means that a moving object has half the volume, but also double relativistic mass, so 4 time more "mass density".
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    ah i see!

    thanks a lot, i think i will be frequenting these forums often in the future
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