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I How is weak isospin/hypercharge calculated?

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    I am familiar with the following equation which relates weak isospin (T3) and weak hypercharge (YW):
    YW = 2(Q-T3)
    (Where Q is electric charge)
    However, while this can be used to calculate YW from T3 and vice versa, how do you calculate each of these properties individually, without using the other?
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    Jonathan Scott

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    Weak isospin is assigned to the usual (left-handed chirality) leptons and quarks in such a way as to distinguish the two different charge states in each generation, in the same way that normal isospin distinguishes the up and down quarks. I think that for those particles T3 = Q + L/2 - B/2 where Q is the charge, L is the lepton number and B is the baryon number.

    There's a table of weak isospin and weak hypercharge for those particles in the Wikipedia article on weak hypercharge.
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