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How large is specimen under microscope?

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    I thought I help my nice with her microscope. We want to know how large some plant cells are that we're looking at. Hoe do we do that?

    There is no scale inside the microscope so I wonder if it possible to work out how large the field of view is with a certain lense. What do we have to do if we assume a magnification of for example 2.5 and the eye piece is x8? I already tried to put milimeter paper under the microscope but the light is not strong enough. Any other ideas?

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    Here is a good link for measureing cell size. With step #6, you should be able to figure it out.

    For beginners, the average human cell is around 50 micrometers(0.05mm) in diameter. A bacterial cell is 3-5 micrometers.
    Plant cells are larger, up to 100 micrometers.

    Have fun!
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    Thanks a lot,

    the link seems to be what I was looking for. So lets see if we can work out how large the field of view is :D

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