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News How long China becomes the world leader in business?

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    How long do you think it will be before China becomes the world leader in business?

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    They will continue to grow their manufacturing base until they allow unionization, cap and trade, occupational and safety standards, anti-discrimination lawsuits, workers comp claims, environmental legislation, and all of the rest of the rules governing the free world.
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    How do you define "world leader"? GDP?
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    I doubt they will if they continue this stuff with the Green Dam.
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    By 2040 I believe, they are passing Japan by 2010 in the terms of GDP. But their growth is unstable I believe.
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    That will only happen if they convert to a democracy. Right now they are a dictatorship. They are banning Avatar because a lot of the Chinese people relate to it as the Chinese government has been kicking many people out of their homes to make way for developers.
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    In the short term no country's growth is stable. It goes up. It goes down. That's the business cycle.
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    Why must a country follow these rules in order to become a world leader in business? I certainly know that if I ran my own personal country many of these 'rules' would not be in place at all.
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    What makes up believe that China is not already the world leader in business? They are the only country in the world that runs a trade surplus and has not just a balanced budget but a surplus. Business leader -- work hard -- make stuff -- make money. I think China has got it already.
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    Of course all the nations of the Earth are subject to the resource depletion talked about in the Club of Rome's book "The limits to Growth" 1972. It will be a rough transition for all.
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