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How long does a typical laptop last?

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    I've recently purchased a laptop from ebay, it's in pretty good condition and runs great. However, I think that it's 2002 model and was wondering on how long will it continue to function without giving me any problems? Should I try to resell it, or is it worth the keep?
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    Computers are like cars in that they lose value relatively quickly. You really should only have computers that you use.

    So, if you're using it keep it. If you don't use it sell it.
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    Chi Meson

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    Depends on what you use the m for. I had a Compaq laptop from 1997 that I used until last year. I only did MS word and Excel on it though. It used to be connected to the internet at 32,000 (whah!) but not since 2000.
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    How long will it last? From the time it slips off the table to the time it hits the floor...(this being a physics forum, all you need to tell us is the height of the table for a fairly accurate estimate of how long that would be.) :tongue: Oh, plus any time before it falls. :biggrin:

    Seriously, as long as they run the programs you need at a speed you can stand and have all the connectivity you require. I still have a IBM with a Pentium 166Mhz CPU, it still works great for word processing and some other productivity programs, but it does not have a USB port and the card port USB doesn't work with it, so it lacks some of the connectivity that I need.
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