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How many countries have pyramids?

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    I did not want to start a thread in the profesional forums, as this seems to have a wide interpretation.
    How many countries have pyramids? and how many date to within a few generations of each other?
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    Egypt, and Mexico (The Mayas) to my knowledge.
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    According to google, following countries have pyramids:
    - Canary Islands - Spain
    - Greece
    - Sudan
    - Egypt
    - USA -> :x -> Las Vegas has a beautiful py
    - Peru
    - Brazil
    - Bolivia
    - Japan
    - Guatemala
    - Mexico
    - Indonesia
    - Tahiti
    - Western Samoa
    - Kazahstan
    - England
    - Italy
    - Nubia
    - Turkey
    - Bosnia (or however you call this country) - for more, look social sciences/PF

    and others...

    Wow!, I never expected so many countries to have pyramids. Previously I thought, only Egypt + some in Southern and Central Americas.
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    Indeed England has pyramids:surprised I do know that theres a pyramids centre near where I live which has a big glass pyramid, but I was unaware of any ancient pyramids. I wonder where they are?
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    And France:


    And The Netherlands:

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    I am gob smacked,

    Silbury Hill, Wiltshire has been carbon-dated at 2660 years BC, the same era as the Giza pyramids. It contains an estimated 340,000 cubic metres of chalk and earth, rising to a height of 39.6 metres. The base of the monument is 167m in diameter and it is perfectly round. The flat top is 30m across. It is part of a sequence of ancient sites in the area that are in alignment.
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    Cambodia has some pyramids too.
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    Hells bells, they are everywhere :surprised
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    Japan has some underwater. They are not sure if they are manmade or not. If they are, the area they are in would have been above the water surface back in the ice age. So those Pyramids would have been 8,000 to 10,000 years old.

    I don't want to get this moved to the debunking forum, but here is a link. Interesting place.

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