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Homework Help: How many electrons on each level type

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    i know s=2 p=6

    what d=??
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    Each class of orbital (s, p, d, f, g, etc.) is described by a quantum number l, known as the angular quantum number. For each class of orbital, there are 2l+1 types of orbitals. For example, for the s orbital (l = 0), there is only one type of s orbital. For p orbitals (l = 1), there are three types of p orbitals (px, py, and pz). Since each orbital can hold two electrons, you can see why the s orbitals can hold only two electrons, while the p orbitals can hold six.

    Based on this information, you should be able to see why the d orbitals can hold ten electrons and the f orbitals can hold 14.
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