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Courses How many semesters of undergrad chem for phd in physics

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    Schools I am looking at only require one semester of inorganic for their BS program. Is this enough if one wants to go to grad school down the road?
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    For grad school in physics? It will depend on the sort of physics you do, and the particular requirements of any grad school you want to go to.

    I did no undergraduate chemistry, and it hasn't been a problem in terms of admissions. Due to the kind of physics I do (experimental low energy nuclear physics) there have been situations where I regretted not having done more chemistry, but what I have needed to know is pretty basic, I have had no problems picking it up since I did highschool chemistry.

    However, if you were doing theoretical high energy physics you'd probably never need your chemistry knowledge. If you were to do experimental material science, a good understanding of chemistry would be fairly crucial. Basically, it depends!
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    Vanadium 50

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    I took one class in college, which was actually taught out of the materials science department. I did fine. As it happens, later I needed to become an expert in organic polymer chemistry, but there was no way to predict this.
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