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How much base to neutralize acid?

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    I have a question in my environmental engineering class that goes like this:

    if 100mg H2SO4 is added to 1 Liter of water, how many milligrams of NaOH (strong base) must be added to neutralize the acid?

    the answer is 81.6mg, but how do i get to the answer?

    i tried writing a reaction of: H2SO4 + NaOH = 2H+ + SO2-4 + Na+ + OH-

    then doing: molarity of H2SO4 times Molarity of NaOH = 10-7

    but i just cant seem to find how to get the answer.

    any help would be greatly appreciated
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    This is a simple stoichiometry. Start by balancing the reaction equation - so far it even doesn't contain correct products, you just dissociated both substances. Do you know how to read balanced reaction equation?
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