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Engineering How much chemistry in Electrical Engineering

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    I am currently doing my 2nd year A levels in chemistry, phys and F.Math. Finshd normal math in yer 1. I am undecided as to whether I should study EE or Mathematical physics.

    The thing Is I have a great interest for math and applications of math but greatly dislike qualitative stuff. I hear that 1 would have to do chemistry in EE and I don't like chem because it is to qualitative, very little math in describing concepts and ideas, expesialy organic.

    So my question is How much chem would 1 have to take in EE.
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    Most schools require the general Chem 1 and Chem 2 courses. Basic introductory courses. It all depends on the school and its general requirements.
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    So at best it wont go further than my A level Chem?
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    From what I've seen while looking at course catalogs and major requirements, EE usually needs to take chemistry, but only on an introductory level (as fizziks already mentioned). It would help if you provided the name of a specific school, but the norm is to require only an intro course.
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    I guess EE sounds appetizing cause what we doing now is biochem, Basic intro shouldn't go past biochem, and ligand exchange, etc.

    Thanx for replies
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    The EE program I am in only requires general chemistry 201. There are a lot of math and analysis classes along with physics, but only one chemistry class.
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    Presumably you're in the UK?

    The UK universities that I know are all specific enough with their programmes that you wouldn't do any separate chemistry courses at all, unless you choose to. You would probably have to chose 2 or 3 subjects in your first year and I guess would likely take EE, maths and/or physics.
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    Thats a relief, introductory chem shouldn't be to hectic.
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