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In California, How much money per year does it cost to go to a university, say the university of Sacramento-CA? (Or the out of tuition fees per year at a university in Colorado?)
Does it cost more than $11,000 per year? And how much money does FAFSA provide to a student who meets the GPA requirement ? If the student's income is 0 or $11,000 per year?

It's different at every school, and it may be on some of there websites, but does anyone know off hand, due to the information is not readily available on most of the university's sites. It could take a while to find. So from someone who knows about costs to attend a university, and things like that Just off hand, from experience how much might one expect to pay?
Here's CU Boulders site:" [Broken]... I just 'googled' "university of Colorado tuition." It's about 40k per year (fall/spring terms... summer not included). For financial aid, you really need to talk to a financial aid counselor from the school... it depends on things like parental income too.
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Because of the CA budget crisis, all of the schools, including the community college I'm attending, are experiencing layoffs, class cancellations, etc. Also, the tuitition at the UCs has recently increased by 32%.
Education is costly these days but you can reduce the overhead expenses like commuting expenditure with online education. See here for the availability of various online courses at top ranked US universities. You can even get enrolled into your selected course through the website mentioned above.
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