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How much electricity is generated from a 1.8 degree step induction motor?

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    I found a step induction motor in a printer and I want to find out how electricity it puts out and at what speed it is spun.
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    About 18 years ago, a kid and his grandfather walked into the shop I worked at. They were looking for a generator for a science fair project, and by that time they were as rare as hen's teeth.

    SO, I hooked him up with a stepper motor, cut him a 4" shaft for it, and fitted the shaft with a knob. We did all this for gratis, and sent him over to a shop that sold electrical parts. They set him up with about 6, 6v lamps, which he could supply by cranking the stepper.

    They stopped by my shop once more and the kid's granddad had made a wooden base with switches and a lexan image of Texas. It was quite the rig. Just by cranking the handle, they could light up various "cities," and experience the increased torque associated with lighting more lamps.

    So, given that you have a similar motor and shaft, you could probably crank out 6 volts at a couple of hundred ma.

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