How Much HP Needed to Reach 300 MPH in a Nissan 350z?

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In summary, the conversation is discussing the power and engine specifications needed for a Nissan 350z to reach and maintain speeds of over 300 MPH in a Texas Standing Mile competition. The estimated power needed for this task is around 1600 HP, taking into account factors such as aerodynamic drag, rolling resistance, and power loss to the transmission. It is also mentioned that the current record holder is using a Ford GT with unknown power to set the record at 274 MPH, and the individual is aiming to beat this record with their Nissan 350z.
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Another Ford GT, this time 279.9 mph. (280.1 at Arkansas). Despite the claim of no body mods, there's a 1 1/2" or so spoiler added to the rear, perhaps to direct air flow over the braking chute. The Ford GT body is based on a Lemans race car (Ford GT40), and is less prone to speed related issues (lifting of rear end or lifting of front end and blowover). My impression is that the 350Z body style is going to produce lift at high speed without some modifications. If there's enough excess power such as the drag cars, the entire body can be pitched nose down to produce downforce.

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Nissan Jon said:
Now, I'll be far from stock. We'll be running primarily titanium parts, like: block sleeves, rods, pistons, ect., 320,000 psi head bolts, the works.
Oh, well you're set then.
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