Medical How much information is too much at once?

  1. Hello, I am currently attempting to improve my math skills, understanding of modern physics, and extend my knowledge of two "coding" languages. One thing that has been at the back of my mind, and has been quite bothersome lately is that I am taking in too much at once. While I haven't been forgetting much information at all, in fact less than most people, it still remains a stress. This brings me to my question -- is studying this much at once, not necessarily all in one day, but varied days throughout a week too much to handle and remember? Or am I fine as long as I consistently practice and attempt to use the new information I have taken in?
    EDIT: I ask this here as I hope somewhat that somebody could provide a neuroscientific or psychological answer.
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  3. You are asking for an objective answer to a question that only has a subjective answer. If it is too much for you, then it is too much for you. If not, then not.
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    Are you saying that there is no limit for how much you can learn at once and it depends on the person?
  5. No, I would think that there has to be a limit to how much information can be taken in by that person in the world who is absolutely the most able (even if only by a trivial increase over the next-most-able) to take in information.

    What I AM saying is that the amount of information that can be taken in (not even considering retention) will vary from person to person and they amount of information that can MEANINGFULLY be taken in will vary from person to person, and there would not necessarily be a 1 to 1 correspondence between the two..

    SO ... I consider that question to require a subjective answer since the OP asked it about himself
  6. also depends on what information the person is taking in, some people have a stronger aptitude for math, others for visual images, others sound.
  7. A very good point.
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