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Other How much math is required to understand Feynman's lectures?

  1. Mar 3, 2016 #1
    I have obtained Feynman's lectures, but I am not entirely sure if I have the math knowledge needed to understand it. I am a high school senior, but I have taken Calc 1-3, diffEq, Linear Algebra, and Real Analysis, and my math knowledge is not poor, but I am not entirely sure if this is enough. If not, what subjects should I study in order to understand it?
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    That should be enough. He derives a lot of the stuff, but it's in his own Feynmanish way. I think calc 1-3 and DE should be fine.
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    As I recall you hardly need any math at all. Feynman even rederives the notion of derivative and integral from scratch in volume one. If you do know some calculus this can be very helpful as he makes it seem more elementary than your math class may have, especially if it was very formal. I recall having been puzzled by integrals in a very abstract and high level honors math class and Feynman just made very clear that one could at least get a good approximation to an integral just by adding up a lot of terms. so easy, I couldn't believe it was the same subject.
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