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How much physics in Fallout (games)

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    i was just thinking their isn't a thread for this that i have seen. i had no idea what forum to use and so i thought id start one here.
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    There is also no thread for a smell of elderberries, but I am not convinced it is a reason to start one.
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    I find it funny that your companion (dog, human, robot, etc.) can fall down off of a six story scaffold, say "ow" and then be at your side, perfectly healthy a minute or two later.

    I love the Fallout series. That said, the physics is really awful. In the "lore" of the Fallout universe, they did not discover (or at least did not concentrate on) the transistor. Instead they concentrated on Nuclear power. Both are fails regarding physics. The fact that their computer terminals [powered on the entire time, btw] survived hundreds of years despite intense radiation is very unrealistic (and those terminals couldn't exist without the transistor -- crude or not -- and transistor based systems probably wouldn't have lasted that long). And their applications of Nuclear power are pure fantasy.

    Still, I love the game. "Suspension of Disbelief" is a wonderful thing when enjoying fiction.

    [Edit: and the Fallout interpretation of what radiation is, how it effects humans, and how it is "cured" (in the game) is just wrong on so many levels. It's just wrong. Very wrong. But again, "suspension of disbelief" comes to the rescue. I still love the Fallout franchise.]
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