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How much physics is a math major required to take?

  1. Jul 22, 2014 #1
    Cc student here with a big question regarding classes in the university in regards to a math major (not sure if theory or applied).

    I have been looking at degree descriptions for my major in california. I noticed that out schools for abs in mathematics are requiring electives in the natural sciences. Can I pick my electives as physics classes? Will my electives continue to be science based even going into a master's program?

    Also I have a solid 3.7 gpa I expect to transfer with a at least a 3.5 gpa from cc. My main concern is price of schools. I have no extra curricular a or awards. I will be joining the physics club or math club in the spring as well as working as a tutor in the math center.

    what are good schools in ca that are good yet affordable for a math major? I would pick other states but my father died from alzheimers
    when I was younger. My mother was left a widow (she is 63) so she has no friends or significant other (old sxhool).

    My brother lives with us so he can keep her company but I wouldn't like to leave the state because it is just me and my mother during the holidays literraly.

    I was thinking of cal poly po Monona or s/o, ucla, not sure how cal state la is it is thw closest school.

    would it be hard getting into cal poly or ucla with a 3.5.

    are there any merit programs and how do I go about informing nyself. The school counselor s do not really care about their job at this cc. So they have been no help.

    I am also a poor student/mexican american/no wife kids or convictions.
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  3. Jul 22, 2014 #2
    You'd have to check with your school to see what they require for the program. It really is different everywhere.

    At my school I took a semester of physics and a semester of geology, and that pretty much fulfilled my science requirements for a B.A. in math. Probably for a B.S. it would have been different.
  4. Jul 22, 2014 #3
    Cal Poly Ponoma you would most likely get into as a transfer with that GPA as well as SLO. Though, with SLO you NEVER know what will happen. Good school with a good listing of both applied and pure math courses along with a 4 + 1 BS + MS program.

    Have you looked into the UC TAG program? With your GPA you could go to any UC ( Except SD, LA, and CAL). I personally will either go to Santa cruz or Santa Barbara.

    Also, if you are a low income student a UC will pretty much pay for you to go, ( no joke, look into the blue and gold program)
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    The school's catalog or web site should list somewhere, the courses that can be used to satisfy those elective requirements, either explicitly by course number, or by some statement such as "any <department name> course at the <course number> level or above."
  6. Jul 22, 2014 #5

    None at all to my knowledge in the pure math route. Just says 8 electives in the physical or natural sciences. Speak with advisor et
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    Have you tried the official "printed" course catalog which is usually available as a PDF file somewhere? At the college where I work, this catalog spells out everything in painstaking detail, and is the definitive source of information for such things. Much of the information is also on web pages, but there are inevitably discrepancies or ambiguities when information is repeated in more than one place. In such cases the catalog is always authoritative.

    Around here, if the catalog itself has an error (which does happen sometimes!), departments have to live with it until the next year's edition, or else they and the provost have to formally approve policy waivers for each individual student who is affected by it.
  8. Jul 22, 2014 #7
    Cal Poly Slo requires 3 ( quarter) physics courses for all math majors.

    Cal Poly Ponoma requires 3 (Quarter) and Cal Poly Ponoma does not have a pure math option.

    CSU LB requires 2 physics courses ( quarter I think) but also does not have a pure math option.

    UCLA- Physics first quarter is required along with an additional 2 courses in either physics, chemistry, or Biology.

    This required about 5 minutes of looking things up. Try out first of all assist.org for transfer requirements or you can go to google and type in *schools name* catalog 2014. Then scroll through it and it will have official requirements.
  9. Jul 22, 2014 #8
    I already knew about assist but not about tag.

    I think poly doea have a pure math option. It appeared undwr math teachers/pure. Would have to research
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