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Shri Uttaradi Math (IAST:Śrī Uttarādi Maṭh) (also spelled Uttaradi Mutt or Uttaradi Matha), is one of the premier Dvaita Vedanta monasteries (matha) descended from Madhvacharya through Padmanabha Tirtha, Jayatirtha and their disciples. The Uttarādi Math is an important institution among the Mādhvas and also deeply respected among the Vaishnavas. The Uttarādi Math is one of the major Hindu monastic institutions that has historically coordinated Madhva tradition and monastic activities through satellite institutions in South India, preserved Sanskrit literature and pursued Dvaita studies. The Uttarādi Math has been a library and a source of historic Sanskrit manuscripts. Along with other Hindu monasteries Sri matha has been active in preserving the Vedas, sponsoring students and recitals, Sanskrit scholarship, and celebrating annual Madhva Jayanthi. The current pīṭādhipati or the acharya holding the pontifical seat is Satyatma Tirtha Śrīpād. The Uttaradi Math has huge following in South India compared to other Madhva mathas. Most of Deshastha Madhvas of Maharashtra and the whole community of Gayawal Pandas in Bihar are followers of this matha.According to Surendranath Dasgupta, Uttaradi Math was divided twice, and so we end up with three mathas, the other two being Vyasaraja Math and Raghavendra Math. Uttaradi Math, along with Vyasaraja Math and Raghavendra Math , are considered to be the three premier apostolic institutions of Dvaita Vedanta and are jointly referred as Mathatraya . It is the pontiffs and pandits of the Mathatraya that have been the principle architects of post-Madhva Dvaita Vedanta through the centuries.

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  1. P

    Programs Should I do a math or an astronomy double major for general relativity?

    Hi! I'm going into college during the fall, (Stony Brook University in the US) and I want to research general relativity in the future. I can choose to do an astronomy or math double major alongside my physics degree, and I want to know which degree will best prepare me for a graduate program in GR
  2. Z

    Admissions Seeking some advice (and maybe encouragement) going into a PhD program in Engineering

    I am an international student attending very small college in US, currently senior. My dream since I was little was to study in engineering field. Unfortunately, because of financial difficulties (being an international student limited scholarship opportunities), my only choice for undergrad was...
  3. C

    Optimal study schedule for physics and math major

    I have read online that the optimal amount of time to study for is 30 minutes followed by a 10 minute break and repeat. Dose anybody else please know of a good study schedule? Many thanks!
  4. wild_boffin

    Courses Pure physics vs. adding a math major?

    I’m sure I’m not the first to ask about this but I could use some advice from the internet: I am a sophomore lost in the world and somewhat recently decided I was going to major in physics with my eyes on grad school. I am on track to get a math minor but I am weighing the trade-offs of picking...
  5. N

    Math Prospective math major, best way to good jobs?

    I am from Ireland and I am currently waiting on my Leaving Cert results (exam results that are used by colleges when making offers to prospective students). I want to study mathematics. Today I decided to take a look at the modules that the college offers (the college I am hoping to be accepted...
  6. G

    Math Should I do a computer science or math major?

    I am currently pursuing a computer science degree and am considering if I should switch to a math major. I just finished sophomore year of college , but I am transferring universities, and the way the credits transfer, it would take me 3 more years to get the CS degree but only 2 more for the...
  7. H

    Math What are the challenges faced by disillusioned math majors in finding a job?

    I graduated with a MS in math in August 2018 and I having trouble finding a job. I will write in bullet point to make my journey more clear. -I have MS mathematics high gpa -I have bs in mathematic with a minor in cs high gpa -graduated last year in August with my MS -spent close to 7 years in...
  8. ryl3gol

    Math Job search ideas for an applied math major?

    I am an applied math major. What are some jobs you would recommend looking in to? Thank you in advance!
  9. Delta31415

    Programs Should I Choose EE or CompE for My Interests in DSP, Controls, and AI?

    Good day everyone, a few months ago I posted a question regarding physics as a major, well fast forward about 6 months and I am studying engineering(I picked engineering(ECE) because first I get to take physics courses up to QM and second after some further research I found out that one of the...
  10. G

    Programs Math major with Physics minor (Complicated)

    Hi Guys, So this would sound complicated. Here is the thing, I've been in college in 2014. Went to a community college 2014-2017 and recently transferred to a four year during Fall 2017. It took me till Fall 2018 to realized how much I loved Math. Math has been my passion for a long time, but...
  11. CaptainAmerica17

    Programs Don't like my calculus class, but want to be a math major....

    I am currently a junior in high school and recently, my guidance counselor has been asking me a lot of questions about what I want to major in. Within the last 6-8 months, I have been leaning heavily towards a math major. That was until I started my calc class this year... I'm in AP Calc BC...
  12. A

    Foundations First year math major, text book recommendations please

    Background: https://translate.google.pl/translate?sl=pl&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.syllabus.agh.edu.pl%2F2018-2019%2Fen%2Fmagnesite%2Fstudy_plans%2Fstacjonarne-inzynieria-mechatroniczna%2Fmodule%2Frme-1-101-s-matematyka-1&edit-text=(mindless applying of 'algorithms'...
  13. T

    Programs Deciding Math Major: Should I Take Linear Algebra Course?

    Should I take a proof based linear algebra course this summer? I'm afraid if I take it and don't do well in it, then my already low GPA(failed geology) will get lower. If I don't take it then I will have to drop the math major, as I will not be able to graduate on time. Also if I don't take it...
  14. seanthinks

    Programs Math Major interested in Quantum Information Science

    I'm a math major interested in the field of quantum information science and quantum computing, but I'm unclear on what path to take to explore the field. The field is presented as being at the intersection of physics, computer science, and mathematics but it seems that a majority of the experts...
  15. Abscissas

    Physics About to Graduate with a Double Major in Physics and Math

    Hey guys, so I am about to graduate in May with a double major in physics and mathematics and I don't really know what to do. So my grades are not the best, but they improved as I've gotten further into my academic career, and this year I am hoping to make the dean's list. I want to get my PhD...
  16. TheKracken5

    Programs Math major switching to EE? Would I like it?

    Hi, so I am a math major currently with 2 years left in school. I went to a math conference this weekend and discovered some really interesting subjects in EE. Control theory and Information Theory specifically. These were more math bent then engineering focus but I downloaded a feedback control...
  17. Floatzel98

    Programs Undecided on the last unit of my math major

    Hi all, I'm a bit undecided what to pick as my last unit for my math major. I'm about to the the 3rd year of my degree. I'm a physics and math major, although I'll be continuing with physics into honours (and beyond). I'm all set with my physics units. There isn't much leeway in accelerating...
  18. P

    Programs How qualified would I be for EE as a math major?

    I am currently a freshman majoring in electrical engineering and minoring in mathematics about to go into my sophomore year. While I enjoy the engineering aspect, I've found that what I've enjoyed most is the basic analysis in my proofs class and the basic topology my professor mentioned while...
  19. dkotschessaa

    Math Major Overcomes Adversity: Hired for Higher Salary

    Well, the "companies like math majors for their logical thinking" thing turns out not to be just a myth perpetrated by math professors. I was just informed I will be hired here permanently with a much higher salary once my contract ends. (The one I am currently unable to sustain my family on)...
  20. Vitani11

    Programs I would like some advice before switching to a math major

    I'm in my first year of official physics courses. This semester I am in mechanics 1, mathematical physics, linear algebra, and intermediate lab. I'm not sure whether I should stay as a physics major. Before considering the switch... How long did (does) it take you on average to solve a problem...
  21. Essence

    Programs Deciding between a math and physics major

    Okay. So I’m a rising Junior and in a bit of a dilemma. I have to pick a major and right now I’m trying to decide between math and physics (hard to do both because I’m taking a fair number of computer science, economics, mechanical engineering courses et cetera). There are things that I like and...
  22. Eclair_de_XII

    Programs As a math major, should I study math as a hobby?

    Kind of a dumb question, but sometimes reading math books (most recently, a book on elementary probability) in addition to the coursework I already have for my summer session gets to be a bit too stressing. I feel like I should have math as a hobby as someone who is majoring in it. I mean, I...
  23. tommyxu3

    Programs Can a math major excel in physics research?

    Hi, guys. I'm interested in so issues. Everyone says math provides a solid bedrock for physics, of course and other science. But does there really exist someone deciding to devote himself to physics research, but take the major in mathematics in college? I have heard Feynman is in the major of...
  24. Integreat

    Programs Why do I have to take "Calc-Based Physics"as a Math major?

    Hi, why do I have to take calculus based physics, if I'm a math major? I don't mind taking algebra based physics like i did in high school. But WHYYYY calc based physics? Any wise man out there mind to give a piece of advice? I never find interests in physics, how well I will do if I just know...
  25. RoboNerd

    Programs Doing a Math major on top of computer engineering/science

    Hi everyone. I am a rising high school senior. This summer, I plan to study for fun Electricity and Magnetism from a college textbook that a friend gave me, do some calculus, and do some C++ programming [C++ How to Program is the book I am using]. I am a mathematically, logically constructed...
  26. jedishrfu

    Is Being a Math Major Really That Difficult?

    An interesting take on being a math major: http://theodysseyonline.com/adrian-college/20-signs-math-major/328623 Though some are dumbed down. Over to @micromass for verification.
  27. SrVishi

    Prob/Stats Which Advanced Math Courses Prepare a Math Major for Statistics?

    Hello, I am looking to learn statistics. What would be a good rigorous statistics book for someone who is completely comfortable with proofs?
  28. I

    Admissions Math major applying to physics Ph.D. Program

    Hello all, I'm a junior math major at uc Berkeley. And I'll be applying to physics Ph.D. programs. I have taken almost all required physics undergraduate courses, and have already finished about six graduate physics courses. And I got A on all of these classes. I expect myself to finish more...
  29. R

    Programs Catch Up as Math Major: Calc II, Linear Algebra, DiffEq & Analysis

    Hi, I saw there was another thread about becoming a mathematician, but as far as I know, this is somewhat different. Anyway, I am a first-year university student, and am going to start my 2nd semester next week. For various reasons I won't go into, I didn't really take any math in high school...
  30. S

    Programs Applied math major classes to take

    I am in differential equations and I really wanted to go into applied math but this is the first math class I have taken that I detest. I really enjoyed calculus 1-3 and linear algebra especially which made me want to pursue applied math but differential equations is just not appealing to me at...
  31. jaskamiin

    Programs Is one semester of quantum physics enough for a math major?

    As the title says, I am a mathematics major, but I'm taking extra physics and engineering courses. I'm interested in mathematical physics work in the future. I'm taking the first of two semesters of quantum physics offered by my school right now. I was planning to take the next course in the...
  32. M

    Programs Advice for a freshman math major?

    Hey guys! I'm going to be a freshman at Stony Brook next month, and I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice. 1. What are some things I should start doing as soon as possible to ensure that I get into a decent graduate school? 2. As of now, I am interested in mathematical logic...
  33. J

    Is a math major a jack-of-all-trades in terms of marketable

    skills? If you got a B.S. in Math, you probably know some programming, but not enough to qualify you for a software engineering job; some statistics, but not enough to qualify you to be an actuary; and some data science-type stuff, but not enough to qualify you for a data analysis or database...
  34. KimF

    Intro Physics What's a good first physics book for a math major?

    Dear forum members, This is my first post on Physics Forums. I'm very happy to have found this place and to be a member. My question isn't very complicated. I'm a math major with a reasonable grasp of the standard undergraduate analysis curriculum (including differential equations and complex...
  35. B

    Programs Physics or Math Major: Which One Has Better Job Prospects?

    Hello, I'm currently in college studying to be a physics major, I just completed my first year and am taking classes in the summer. However, I'm not sure if I want to major in math or physics since I love both of the subjects. Leaving high school, physics seemed like the logical choice, I was...
  36. R

    Programs CS Major or Math Major for Prereq to MS in CS?

    I really should have titled this thread, "Burnt Out on Math, Need Advice on New Direction" but I don't know how to edit it. Hello, I am currently majoring in Mathematics and am considering changing my major to Computer Science because, quite frankly, I am getting burnt out on Math and don't...
  37. P

    Schools Math major + physics minor for grad school

    I've thrown around this possibility before, but I've developed such a respect for this forum and the people interested in physics that I feel comfortable enough to listen to others input and experience. I'm attending a local University free of charge, but they only offer a minor in physics. I...
  38. R

    Programs Math major wanting to be a programmer

    I am a math major and I will be a senior next semester. I am wondering if I can get a career in programming without a CS degree? Should I stay in school and get a second degree or can I go get a masters in programming? Or I don't have to do either and still land a career in programming with only...
  39. J

    Programs Math major who has an interest in machine learning

    I'm a second year student and I've been researching about machine learning. I'd like to start learning more, and I'm wondering if someone could advise me on the appropriate modules to take which would help me in this goal. List of modules: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/maths/courses/undergraduates/ For...
  40. Yae Miteo

    Engineering Can I Pursue an Engineering Career with a Math Major?

    I am majoring in applied math and considering a minor in physics. Would it be reasonably possible for me to get a job in engineering (electrical or mechanical) with only that background?
  41. M

    Being a Math Major in a nutshell

    I'm a math major, in my senior year, and periodically, in conversation with someone they would try and ask me what I do as a math major, and I've not really been able to give an answer that someone that isn't a math major understands. But after spending a lot of time spinning my wheels on a...
  42. T

    Programs Math major can I really do anything?

    Hello, so recently I have developed a very strong interest in Biology and have been in a debate with my self if I should continue of the track I am on currently ( transferring this next year to UC Santa Cruz for applied math major) or if I should follow my interests in biology and wait another...
  43. N

    Programs Incoming Applied Math Major- Advice

    Hey guys, I've taken a long break from the forum by I've decided on a college and major. I'm attending the Virginia Military Institute as an Applied Mathematics major. I had some questions about where to go from here: This is a link to the math curriculum...
  44. T

    Programs How to improve grades? Math major

    It seems like I am stuck with making B's in all my classes except for a select few I get an A or an A minus in. In pre calculus and now in Calculus neither of the professors allow for plus or minus grades and I keep getting in the 87-89% range for these classes and I am leaving with a B in...
  45. T

    Programs How much physics is a math major required to take?

    Cc student here with a big question regarding classes in the university in regards to a math major (not sure if theory or applied). I have been looking at degree descriptions for my major in california. I noticed that out schools for abs in mathematics are requiring electives in the natural...
  46. T

    Schools Math major wondering what college minors are and how they work. pros n

    I am a math major and I am positive I want to major in math. Not sure if I want to do applied or pure tho. I will start my calculus 2 in the fall as well as my intro physics course. I am extremely ignorant of what a minor is and what do they do. I was thinking of taking physics courses for...
  47. G

    Very good read on the history of the math major in the US

    A very good article I came across. Worth reading, and then we know why the US is where the US is.. http://www.ams.sunysb.edu/~tucker/monthlytucker.pdf
  48. EternusVia

    Programs Graduate Programs for an Applied Math major?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently an Applied Mathematics major at a local university. I have finished two years. I'm trying to decide if I want finish my applied math degree or transfer and take up electrical engineering at a different school. On the one hand, finishing my applied math degree...
  49. K

    Programs Discouraged Math Major: Am I Fit for the Field?

    Although I am a math/stat major, I find math very challenging. It's very discouraging when chemistry or biology majors breeze through their first-year bio/chem classes and I'm struggling in first-year calculus. Although I did okay in Calc I and half of Calc II, I have to put in a significant...
  50. A

    Programs Economics or Applied Math major with better job propsects?

    I'm debating between applied math and economics major. Which has better job prospects?