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How to add .ost, pst. files as data files for MS outlook 200

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    I have several of the .ost and .pst data files that I am trying to make as mailboxes (with the inbox and other subs that I created) but when I try it says they are not personal folders. I had changed one pst to ost and it worked but not the others. I thought .pst was the right suffix for these types of files?

    Secondly can I merge or do something to combine these different files?

    I am using Microsoft OL 2007 with hosting from MyHosting.com and it is on my laptop using Windows Ultimate 64 bit as my operating system. If it matters I have a Toshiba Satellite C655d-S5043.

    I also have Exchange and Enterprise via my Blackberry to sync with outlook through myhosting., com which is much more satisfactory than Go Daddy which I had nothing but problems with (maybe because I am too stupid to know how to follow rules)
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    You could create a data folder in Outlook for both and then transfer them. There is no merge tool that I know of.
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    This looks like a setup for spam.

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