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How to calculate elliptic integrals in MATHCAD?

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    I wanted to calculate elliptic integrals (K & E) for a given function in Mathcad. I was not able to find the appropriate function. I am using Mathcad 15.


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    Hi. I just joined, so tag me with n00b.

    Full disclosure: I work at PTC, and have contacted one of our programmers to help me with a response here.

    Although Mathcad does not have a dedicated function for this, it should be (generally) straight forward to calculate them (or define them as user functions) using the general integration function in Mathcad. One can view the elliptic integration help section in MATLAB to get some general formulae (see attached image).

    I hope this helps. For more specific Mathcad-related help (not just on physics, but all areas Mathcad), head over to http://bit.ly/Mathcad-PlanetPTC for a user-driven community.

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