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How to calculate equation system in Matlab, with some knowns

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    It's part of finite elements analysis.
    All I need is to solve F=Ku,K is [12x12] matrix .
    Some of the members of u are zeros ,some members of F are known forces . K is all known .
    How do I solve F=Ku in that way ??

    Thanks in advance.
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    It's not clear if your K matrix is for a single structure or is the stiffness matrix for one element.

    In any event, if you haven't studied linear algebra, particularly things like Gaussian elimination or Cholesky decomposition, now will be a good time.

    If you are studying finite element analysis, there is usually part of the course which is devoted to solving the system of equations and understanding the various methods.
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    If this is just a Matlab question, then use u = K \ F. If it's a finite element question, you need to consult a few textbooks first.
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    I studied Linear Algebra ,and that's overcomplicating things .
    All I am asking : How do I solve in Matlab something like this :
    [A] [1 0 1 0][M]
    [V] [0 1 2 0][N]
    [0]=EA/L [0 1 2 0][Q]
    [D] [0 4 5 4][L]

    Where I know some of the variables in the first matrix ,and I know some variables in the last matrix (in a form of parameter,lets say Q is known and given) .
    I need to find A,B,C,D,M,N and L .
    How do I do this in Matlab ?
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