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How to calculate position and velocity?

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    I used an online simulation for this lab.
    Mass: 1.0 kg
    Force: 1 N
    X position: – 2
    Y position: 0

    The final position was 6.0, final velocity was 4.0, and final time was 4.0

    At 3 seconds the position was at 2.50 and velocity was at 3.00

    Because I used an online simulation I already know what the position and velocity was when t=3. However, my lab is asking me, "How does this compare with the calculated position/velocity at t = 3?" What calculation do I need to use to calculate position and velocity at t=3? Just the equation will do. An explanation of the equation would be better, but I will take what I can get.
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    Assuming that this is a horizontal surface that the object is travelling across, I believe the equation you are looking for is F=ma. With a few extra calculations using acceleration, you should get a position at t=3.
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    So for this equation a=1 (1=1a, 1/1=a, 1=a). What equation(s) would I use after this?
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    equation of uniform acceleration
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