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Homework Help: How to calculate residium at infinity?

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    i have such a function
    z^3 \sin \frac{1}{3}

    i need to calculate its residium at z=infinity

    if i substitue infinity instead of a"" into the formal formula

    i get infinity
    am i correct?
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    Consider first a pole at some point z = p. You know that 2 pi i times the residue there is the value of the contour integral that encirles that pole anti-clockwise and no other poles. If you then perform the conformal transform u = 1/z in that contour integral, you get the contour integral of:

    -1/u^2 f(1/u)

    which encircles the corresponding pole in the u-plane at u = 1/p. Note that the contour integral is traversed anti-clockwise if the contour does not encircle the origin. So, the residue at z = p of f(z) is the same as the residue of -1/u^2 f(1/u) at u = 1/p. The residue at infinity is defined such that this result holds in the limit p to infinity. So, it defined as the residue at zero of -1/z^2 f(1/z).
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