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How to calculate the thickness of retaining ring

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    I am working as a design engineer. I am new to pressure seal bonnet Valve design. In that valve concept we are using a ring called as Retaining ring. The purpose of this ring is to withstand the entire force acting on the bonnet due to is working pressure. Now i want to know how to calculate the thickness of that ring. Here i am attaching the Picture for your ref. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi, Could you give more details regarding where the pressure is coming from (Mark with red color), also where the valve body is fixed to.
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    Hi AeroGeek, Thanks for your response, here i am attaching the picture for your ref i hope it will help you. In that Orange coloured component's thickness only we have to calculate. The Valve body can be used in many applications like piping. But the ring is fitted in the Valve body. My operating conditions are Pressure is 150 Class, and the diameter in the Gasket area is 7".

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    Hi Saran,
    The Pressure is acting in 2 direction if i'm right! the pressure through the shaft direction is exerting a bending stress on the retainer ring (SB), also the radial (S A) is acting circumferential, so ST = SB + SA. However due to the complex geometry, there are no simple formulas, please refer to Roark's formulas for stress and strain.
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    “capture.jpg” shows that the retaining ring will have to be made from a spring material with at least one cut so it can be compressed and installed into the groove. The ring is then retained in the groove by the valve body. The wedge shaped (gasket / pressure seal) is pushed up against the retaining ring.

    Your pictures “capture.jpg” and “10e.jpg” show quite different load situations on the retaining ring. It is not possible to answer the thickness question unless the retaining ring structure and position can be fully specified.
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