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How to change heading size Bibliography

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    The title is coming up bigger than the rest of the text
    I want it smaller
    Is there a fast way to change it?
    (just the heading)

    Thanks alot !!

    (assignment deadline tommorrow- your help is really really apppreciated :) ).
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    You're asking us to guess many things here. I'll assume that you are working with ##\LaTeX## and you want the the header that appears at the start of the bibliography to be of a smaller type. This is controlled by the document class, so you can modify the class (change the .cls file or use another class) to get the result you want. The alternative is the following hack: in the preamble (after \documentclass and before \begin{document}), add something of the kind

    \renewcommand{\refname}{\normalsize References}
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    Thanks for your reply,

    Apologies I'm new to latex, could you please explain the arguements more?
    Why References- the automated title is 'Bibliography', or is this a choice to rename.
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