How to change the plotstyle in mathematica?

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    I am running some notebook, developed by someone else, in mathematica. One of the function defined in the notebook will show a graph. Since the notebook is kinda messy and I don't want to modify it. To alter the title and/or style of the graph, I try the following

    G = ShowMapping[2.3];
    Show[G, PlotLabel->"Some title"];

    This works great. But when I try the same way to alter the plot style, it doesn't work

    Show[G, PlotStyle->{Thick}];

    Any idea to alter the plot style in this case? Thanks
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    It is not very elegant, but you can use:

    ToString[Insert[InputForm[G], Thickness[0.02], {{1, 1, 1, 3, 1}}]]]
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