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How to check if my lapack,cbas lib support long double type?

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    I'm using Debian Lenny. I want to know how I can check if my lapack,cblas libs support long double type.

    If these libs don't support long double. I need to download the source and re-compile them with long-double option. If I do this, do the compiled new libs overwrite the old libs (which don't support long double)? Will this cause problem for other dependent programs that don't need long double?

    Thank you very much!
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    It should be in the documentation for whatever version of the libraries you're using. You can also just write test scripts where you try to use the libraries with long doubles that you know will break if unsupported.

    In theory it won't break dependency, and if does it's likely cause the other programs are either hardcoded to require one of the older versions or can't find the new one.
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    Thank you for the comments. I'll try to test it using a long double type in the code. But I think the default libs that Debian installs should be double only. (That's why the author of the program that I want to use suggests to download sources for these libs and compile it with long double support manually).

    I believes that all re-compiled long double libs will have the same version (and the same name I guess) as the original double libs. I just need to use --long-double when compiling these libs. So I think the new libs will overwrite the old ones. But I don't know if my other programs using only double type can call these new libs without any issues. I know I should test it myself, I just want to ask if anyone done this before for caution. Thank you.
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