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Homework Help: How to convert the energy in Joules to mass in a metric done

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    any help would be appreciated. not sure where to start.
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    What do you mean convert energy in joules to mass in a metric done? I don't understand that statement.

    What sort of system are you dealing with? Are you just trying to get a rest-mass for something given it's energy?

    You have to give us more information, otherwise we cant help
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    sorry, you are right.
    Let me try again, can you help me convert energy (in Joules) to a mass (metric Tons)
    I can't figure out how to go about this.
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    E = mc2 , I suppose.
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    It's also unclear what exactly you're dealing with.

    Is this the energy of a moving object?

    Or are you specifically looking for mass of an object which when completely converted into energy gives off a certain amount in Joules?

    If it's the latter then you just use [itex] E = mc^{2} [/itex] which will give you the mass in kg, then you just need to find how many kg are in a metric ton.
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