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How to convert TV Recordings into Slow Motion MPEGS

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    I have this baseball game on my DVR, and there's a segment of it that I wish to convert to my computer into a slow motion MPEG and I was wondering what the process is for going about this?
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    Basically you save the .dv file on the computer, then use a video processing application to select the sections you want in slow motion and save those as mpeg.
    Any good video processing app will do this. A good balance between ease of use and set of features would be for instance Pinnacle Studio.
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    But how do I get the .dv file onto the computer?
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    If it is a DVR it presumably has a firewire interface that you can use. You need a firewire interface on your PC or laptop.

    You obviously can use another type of connection (S-Video or Composite) with a video capture card but you will suffer a big loss of information compared to digital video.
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    How do I get a firewire interface?
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    I can't look at it now, but it's a Time Warner Cable product. After looking at those pictures I'm pretty confident it's already built-in, but I'll have to check tomorrow.

    The only issue will be getting it connected to my computer since my computer is a decent enough distance away from the TV.
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    You either have one, or you don't.

    The jack will look like one of the following images:

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