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How to CREATE a green triangle in EXCEL

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    On the internet there is only information on how to get rid of the trianglethat indicates an error in the formula in the cell.

    But in my workplace I need to upload data to a program and sometimes a succesful upload requires that the data in my excel cells be marked by this error-triangle.

    How to mark multiple cells with it. I only know that you have to enter a number, choose text format in the home tab "number" section and to press smth. Can any one tell? :)
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    I would try to find and fix the source of that, instead of an attempt to use a bug of unknown source and behavior.
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    If i remember correctly (been a while since i've used excel) the small green triangle indicates inconsistant data

    For example
    =A3+B4+3 (green triangle)

    Strange that they would require inconsistant data unless all the formula's are entered manually.

    If this is the case i would have to agree with mfb, if not re enter the information with inconsistant formulas with the same results.

    original data

    changed data to give error triangles

    Personally i would just change the highlight colour to green to show what ones are ment to have the triangle...

    Overall its a very strange thing to require in my opinion.
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    after doing a fair bit of excel today at my work place (updating reports for universities) the green number only shows up when numbers are formatted as text. in my opinion if you want it to show up select the whole table and right click format, as text. alternatively save as a .csv file and then reopen in excel, this removes all formatting effectively then save again as the required file format. this may fix any uploading issues ect.
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