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How To Create Micropump Using Miniature Motor (Cannot contact liquid)

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    Hi I am having a little trouble designing a micropump out of a mini dc motor-it needs to be able to extract small amounts of liquid (approximately 50 microliters) through a small tube (diameter 0.2 cm or 2 mm) without having the liquid pass through it. Is there any way I can use the motor to create some sort pull or vacuum at the end of the tube to pull the liquid through the tube? I am also open to any other ideas that would help me design a pulling or extracting mechanism using this miniature motor. Basically, I am hoping to create this pump as part of the design of a medical device.
    Many thanks for your time.
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    Your only choice is to create a vacuum, which should be pretty straightforward with a fixed displacement compressor like a piston.
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    If your situation permits, you may be able to utilize magneto-hydrodynamics for this purpose.
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