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What motor to use for vaccum continuous operation (12V DC)

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    I need help on alternative motor that I can use for vacuum that can run continuously for 20 hours a day and it should be 12VDC powered.

    Basically Im doing a heat exhaust system for a data center. I want to use small pipes so it wont be bulky about 1.5" and for that to work I think strong exhaust is needed since the pipe will run about 20-25 meters long. I thought of car vacuum cleaner and its power is strong enough to suck the hot air out. But Im worried that car vacuum will not last that long so can you help me with better alternative?? better vacuum or motor? or better exhaust system?

    My requirements are
    -the exhaust tube/pipe is only 1"-1.5" in diameter where hot air travels
    -the tube/pipe is at least 20 meters long that hot air will travel to out side
    -several heat source will be exhaust/vacuum, so strong air vacuum is required (car vacuum power is good but it wont last?)

    I have tried squirrel cage exhaust and cover to fit 2" tube but not enough power to suck air. An AC powered exhaust is fine alternative if the design can generate enough vacuum.

    Thanks a lot!
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    Didn't see this thread before....

    How much heat is being dissipated and what is the source of make-up air? A 1-1/2" pipe is insufficient even for a single PC. There is a reason the fan on the back of the PC is a minimum of 80mm (3") in diameter....
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    Thanks MarkhamCornoi! 400 Hours for vacuum life is definitely short for my application... I wonder how long those car vac last? anyone?
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    source are servers located at home. small pipe is not really the "typical" size for heat exhaust thats why Im doing this experiment that I hopefully make it work by using vacuum for a nice air flow. I just need something that can run for a long time without problem and has effective suction?
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