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How to detremine the lifetime of a LED

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    Theoratically a LED can last for 100,000 hours, but how can i prove that this is true? I've found out that the malfunction of a LED is caused by the degradation of the active region in it, but how can i determine when it is going to malfunction?
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    Life time testing is ussually done at higher temperatures.
    You measure the life of a sample of parts at a number of higher than normal temperatures, you determine the function relating the lifetime to temperature and use it to calculate what the lifetime would be at room temperaure.
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    Just turn it on and wait for it to fail.

    CraigD, AMInstP

    P.S. you may want to bring a six pack.
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    That's the problem with the perpetual motion machine invented by my great-great-great grandfather, we are still waiting for it to stop!
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    This article may give you some hints:
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    Then how do i calculate what the lifetime would be at room temperaure?
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    It depends on the function relating increased temperature and lifetime.
    Eg. if you heat it to 100C and it last 50K hours, at 200C it lasts 20K you can plot a graph and see how long it would last at 20C.
    Since you don't know that the relationship is linear, it is probably exponential, you would have to try a number of temperatures and see what shape the curve is.
    You also have to do this for a number of devices to get an average behaviour and since you are running the device until it dies you only get one data point/device.
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    ..or, you can check for a producer site, example: osram, lumileds. They surely have all this info.

    I have a question, what is the physically reason for the intensity degradation of a LED?
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    The OP wanted to know if the specs were true

    In theory - dopeants migrating out of the active region of the diode.
    In practice - corrosion of the bond wires because of contaminants when it was made, chemical changes in the encapsualting plastic from the atmopshere, mechancially breaking the leads where the enter the plastic
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    Andy Resnick

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    Lifetime testing is an interesting excersise. Typically, tests are performed at high temperatures to accelerate the process- to simulate the rapid passage of time. Also, products typically fail with a distribution known as the "bathtub curve" or Weibull chart:


    I forget what "lifetime of 100,000 hours" means in terms of MTBF or the Weibull chart, but it's a statistical measure, in the end. Your device may last longer or shorter.
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