What is Window: Definition and 246 Discussions

A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof, or vehicle that allows the passage of light and may also allow the passage of sound and sometimes air. Modern windows are usually glazed or covered in some other transparent or translucent material, a sash set in a frame in the opening; the sash and frame are also referred to as a window. Many glazed windows may be opened, to allow ventilation, or closed, to exclude inclement weather. Windows may have a latch or similar mechanism to lock the window shut or to hold it open by various amounts.
In addition to this, many modern day windows may have a window screen or mesh (often made of aluminum or fibreglass) to keep bugs or insects out when the window is opened.
Types include the eyebrow window, fixed windows, hexagonal windows, single-hung, and double-hung sash windows, horizontal sliding sash windows, casement windows, awning windows, hopper windows, tilt, and slide windows (often door-sized), tilt and turn windows, transom windows, sidelight windows, jalousie or louvered windows, clerestory windows, lancet windows, skylights, roof windows, roof lanterns, bay windows, oriel windows, thermal, or Diocletian, windows, picture windows, Rose windows, emergency exit windows, stained glass windows, French windows, panel windows, double/triple-paned windows, and witch windows.
The Romans were the first known to use glass for windows, a technology likely first produced in Roman Egypt, in Alexandria ca. 100 AD. Paper windows were economical and widely used in ancient China, Korea, and Japan. In England, glass became common in the windows of ordinary homes only in the early 17th century whereas windows made up of panes of flattened animal horn were used as early as the 14th century. In the 19th century American west, greased paper windows came to be used by itinerant groups. Modern-style floor-to-ceiling windows became possible only after the industrial plate glass making processes were fully perfected.

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  1. CandiAnne

    I Calculating Material Dimensions for a Semi-Circular Window Rainbow

    Hello math wizards!!!!! I have a half circle window in my home that I'm trying to cut material for to make a rainbow. Window across is 69" All blind slats around the arc are 22.25" At the bottom of the window there is a Center Circle that is 12 tall and 25 width What length, width and arc...
  2. H

    Automatic Window Opener - how does it work?

    Hi friends I'm working in a community center repair workshop once a week. One of our customers brought us an automatic window opener used for a greenhouse, and we were not able to find out how this contraption really works - but it does work, by using solar energy only. It consists of a hollow...
  3. W

    What Consumes Fewer PC Resources: 1 Window with 250 Tabs or 5 and 50

    Hi, just want to cut down on resource use in my Win 10 PC browsing. As a rule of thumb, Is having one window open with , say, 250 tabs open preferable to 5 open Windows10 Windows with 50 tabs each? What setup would consume more resources? I understand there's o hard and fast rule, but any rule...
  4. berkeman

    Why do more cars now have a short "spoiler" above their rear window?

    Is there some aerodynamic advantage to these short spoilers? Or maybe does it help to keep dirt from accumulating on the rear window? It seems like I'm seeing this feature more and more lately...
  5. J

    B Probability of seeing peak noise in a given time window

    Hi! Say I have a electric signal that has an RMS noise value of 10uV, I would calculate peak noise by multiplying by 6.6, so 66uV. I am looking for an equation that describes the probability of seeing a noise voltage that reaches 66uV in a given viewing time window. For example if I look at the...
  6. M

    If statement & PopUp window in React

    Hey! :smile: I have a checkbox with radio button and I want that a popup message is shown if we have selected the second option. I tried to do that with if statement but it doesn't work. How do we write the if statement in React? Isn't it 'condition ? true : false' ? Do we not check if the...
  7. C

    MCNP4C suppressing terminal/console window popping up?

    Hi all, I am working on some criticality problems using MCNP4C. A key aspect of what I am attempting to do is to use Python to automate the creation and running of MCNP input files. One of the issues so far is that after each command entered into the Command Prompt window, the MCNP...
  8. addorian85

    Dehumidifier Safety in the Bathroom: To Open or Not to Open the Window?

    Hello, I have a dehumidifier and I keep it in the bathroom (small bathroom), where I can dry my clothes. It has a fast dehumidifying feature for drying clothes and it's working very well in my opinion. I was always bad at physics but I have read on the internet, in the manual that I should keep...
  9. A

    Is there any software that can make a window which has dedicated cursor?

    Hello, I'm searching for software that can make me another window which has it's own cursor and can launch app or game in it. Something like virtual machine. I'm making macro for games and I want the macro to work on second desktop, without using my cursor.
  10. B

    Does light passed through two window screens get polarized?

    If you take two window screens and hold them, say, a couple feet apart and look through both of them, you see what looks like interference patterns. These types of patterns can also be seen in transparent materials when polarized light is passed through them. More on stressed materials and...
  11. C

    B Cooling the room with a ceiling fan and skylight window

    Hello, So I know that a ceiling fan either operate clockwise (winter mode) or counter-clockwise (summer mode) and while the fan is meant for just moving air around, I'm wondering if utilizing a ceiling fan and an opened skylight window only a few feet near the ceiling fan would help move the...
  12. G

    I Frost on roof window melts in lines

    Hi. On a cold morning, I saw frost melting on my roof window. Why did it melt in regular lines? Might the glass be slightly wavy?
  13. G

    B Realistic Window View from a Starship: Gravity, Rotation, and Blue/Red Shifting

    I have my own intuition on things, which I hope to correct if I’m wrong. For example, the most obvious thing is that stars won’t fly in a straight line from the front of the craft to the back if you look out the side window because the craft would be rotating to simulate Earth’s gravity. So...
  14. MisterH

    A Fitness function for window length of filter

    Fitness function for window length of filter On a sinusoidal signal with amplitude 1, and period P, an exponential moving average (EMA) (with alpha = 1/n), and a linear weighted moving average (LWMA) (with window length n) are calculated; when you subtract the EMA from the LWMA, it can be seen...
  15. yourheartandsoul

    Finding the force on a camera window underwater

    I figured out that the pressure is 8.0442x10^7 Pa and I’m not sure how to approach the second half of the question. I’m thinking I use the formula F=PA but I’m realizing it’s not saying that .15m is a diameter or a radius.
  16. B

    Double Glazed Window Reflection

    I hope this is not a stupid question but I attach a photo of a reflection of a square double glazed window showing on a wall opposite the window. Could someone please explain to me what is happening here. I presume the outer circular reflection is showing the extent of the suns rays and the...
  17. Eclair_de_XII

    Saving screen-shot of tkinter window as image

    from PIL import ImageGrab from win32gui import GetWindowRect def find_img_loc(): k=1 folder=sep.join((getcwd(),'screenshots')) initial_file='screenshot'+str(k) filename=lambda x: sep.join((folder,x+'.png')) while exists(filename(initial_file)): k+=1...
  18. R

    B Looking Out of the Window: Phys & Math Meaning in Postulates & Principles

    What is the physical and mathmatical meaning, of the metaphorical action of 'looking out of the window' or 'not looking out of the window', of a ship, a starship, a train, an elevator or any other vehicle, in postulates such Galilean postulate and SR 1st postulate and in GR weak and strong...
  19. T

    B How does the Gamow window change for different reactions?

    I am learning about the gamow energy and saw a graph explaining the gamow peak - but i am not quite sure i understand the relationship about the overwall gamow window. From what i think i understand so far for fusion if the gamow energy peak is greater the gamow window becomes smaller is this...
  20. S

    I Calculate humidity raise/drop when opening a window

    Hello, I am making a very simple device. It will measure temperature and humidity outside the window and also measure temperature and humidity inside the room. And depending on the collected data, the device will calculate whether u will drop humidity in the room if you open the window or will...
  21. danHa

    Why can't light pass through to the dark side of a window?

    if I would look through a window on darker area I would see my reflection instead of the outside world . but if the other side of the window is light then the light may pass through the window does the light outside effect the window and make the refraction disappear ?. or the light always...
  22. M

    Engineering Fourier Transform: best window to represent function

    Hi, I was hoping to gain more insight into these window questions when looking at frequency spectra questions. I don't really know what makes windows better than one another. My attempt: In the question, we have f(t) = cos(\omega_0 t) and therefore its F.T is F(\omega ) = \pi \left(...
  23. R

    Misc. Mechanism or method to unlock a window from the outside?

    Hello, I hope this is the right place to post about this. I live in a multi-unit condo, and I have a window that I am trying to lock and unlock from the outside. The window is from the kitchen and looks out onto a public-ish breezeway where I can access easily. I know this might seem a...
  24. D

    MCNP: mesh with weight window generator

    Hallo everybody, I am using a mesh-based-weight window generator. It is clear to me that the coarse mesh must cover the full geometry; my doubt is about the fine mesh. Is it possible to define the fine mesh only in a part of a geometry, for example telling to MCNP to make 5 bins between y1 and...
  25. DaveC426913

    Win 10 bug: "explorer" folder window spontaneously dies

    This has been going on since I first got this laptop (Acer Aspire 5) with Windoze 10. I open my Explorer window to look through some files, and if I leave it to go to another app, it spontaneously disappears. This happens whether I alt-tab to another full screen window or even if I set it up...
  26. colcol500

    Net force on a Submarine Window?

    I have no idea, I honestly thought that the net force would be zero since the submarine window isn't moving...yikes
  27. YoungPhysicist

    B A strange phenomenon occuring when viewing the moon through window screens

    I found an strange phenomenon while observing the moon. When the moon is seen through the window screens, strange light lines will appear: Half open screen: Closed screen: Why is this happening? I saw similar things on street lights, car headlights, etc through screens.
  28. S

    How effective is a pocket car window breaker?

    How effective is this pocket car window breaker. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000IE0F12/?tag=pfamazon01-20 What if your windows were tinted with UV film. Would it still be effective? Are there calculations or independent studies to show how effective these really are? Thank you.
  29. D

    How to use the window functions on a signal in MATLAB?

    Homework Statement I am suppose to write a program that compares the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform Diagrams) of a sampled signal without the use of a window function and with it. The window function should be as long as the signal and the signal should have N points, N chosen as to not cause...
  30. Akash47

    A cat spots a flower pot through the window

    Homework Statement A cat spots a flowerpot that sails first up and then down past an open window. The pot is in view for a total of 0.50 s, and the top-to-bottom height of the window is 2.00 m. How high above the window top does the flowerpot go? 2. Relevant equation Not sure but the theory of...
  31. A

    Window Comparator: Understanding the Output Behavior and Common Errors

    So I've been reading an intro book to electronics and I got to a section about operational amplifiers. It talks about different uses of them and how they can be used as comparators. It then talks about a specific comparator called a window comparator which will output a positive voltage if the...
  32. T

    I Window blinds - colour depends on window open/closed

    Hello, I am a bit confused regarding something I have observed on the blinds in front of my windows. The "real" colour is a sort of a light brownish colour (NCS S 4010 Y50R to be precise - see http://ncscolour.com/product/s-4010-y50r/). However, when the window in front of it is closed, the...
  33. berkeman

    Medical Expanding the Time Window to 16 Hours: New Hope for Stroke Victims

    This looks very promising. It doesn't work for all stroke patients, but so far about half of the patients who went through the imaging procedure did have brain tissue conditions that indicated they would still benefit from removing the clot causing the ischemic stroke. That extended time...
  34. diegzumillo

    A Conformal Window: Understanding the Basics

    I'm reading about extensions of standard model and this pops up frequently but it's not very clear. I understand it's a region in parameters space so renormalization group naturally becomes relevant and that's about it for my understanding. I can't connect any of this to the beta function of the...
  35. T

    Job Skills Logistics help needed for window washing business

    As the title explains I'm trying to start a window washing business. I need help figuring it out with the logistics part. How would I transport the window cleaning materials from points A to B without using Uber or Lyft when I don't have my driver's license or a car while still making profit?
  36. F

    Design of a window opener mechanism -- problems

    I have been struggling with this problem for a long time now, and are hoping you can help me. The assignment was to design a mechanism for opening a window with less effort. My way of solving this is to store energy in a spiral torsional spring as the window closes, which would be released when...
  37. G

    Force Questions -- Snooker ball collision and a rock through a window

    Homework Statement These are two conceptual questions we were given recently. It's strange how mathematically I regularly do much harder problems but these caught me out a bit Q1. If a one snooker ball hits another ball moving at constant speed, why does the second ball move? Surely due to...
  38. Fodder

    I Does the open area of my window make a difference?

    So I was wondering whether the amount of open area of my window would make a difference in how much cold air gets in? Please tell me if I should provide more information, I'm pretty new to this.
  39. W

    Velocity falling from window

    Homework Statement Roger sees water balloons fall past his window. He notices that each balloon strikes the sidewalk 0.83 s after passing his window. Roger's room is on the third floor, 15 m above the sidewalk. Part A: How fast are the balloons traveling when they pass Roger's window? (express...
  40. gfd43tg

    Window Tint Laws: A Tax on Freedom?

    This year, my state's governor signed into law requiring that windows are tested for tint in the annual vehicle safety inspection. The requirement for front windows in my state is 70% VLT. That is basically putting a layer of seran wrap on your window. I am a tinter and put 5% VLT (limo tint)...
  41. marcophys

    DC12V 12A car window motor - what spec for a 220V PSU?

    I have a combined motor and screw drive (to 90 deg). It's original purpose was to convert car windows to electric drive... my guess is that it is at least 25 years old, and made in Japan. For scale... the width of the motor casing is 50mm (as you look at it) I'm making a motorised turntable...
  42. deuce123

    Not sure if this approach is correct for ball falling past a window

    Homework Statement A ball is dropped from somewhere above a window that is 2.00 m in height. As it falls, it is visible to a person looking through the window for 200 ms as it passes by the 2.00 m height of the window. From what height above the top of the window was the ball dropped? Is...
  43. berkeman

    Is there a way to make a Browser window stop jumping around?

    Some websites with a lot of advertisements (like news websites) jump all over the place when you first click into them, because it seems like the Browser window is partially painted, and then more pieces are placed into the window moving other parts around and down. Depending on the website and...
  44. BiGyElLoWhAt

    Java How to write an interface that extends window listener

    I am writing a program, and only care about one abstract method in window listener: windowClosing(windowEvent e){} Because of this, I would like to write a new interface windowSomthingCleverNameWise that extends window listener and does nothing with all of the methods except for windowClosing...
  45. E

    Automatic Window Lift: Get Help Setting Up Low-Cost, Efficient System

    Hello all! I'm an electrical/controls engineer by day and farmer by night. I need some insight on an issue I'm having at the farm. We have a greenhouse where I've setup automatic temperature controls. A small PLC reads temperature in the greenhouse. If the temperature gets too high, we open...
  46. B

    C/C++ How to open a window in just C++ (g++ linux) ?

    I want to open a window in just c++. Now I can do this easily with SDL with just 2-3 lines of code, but I want to learn how to open a window in c++ without any library, I mean like plain c++ nothing else. I searched this on google but results yield nothing of my interest. There has to be a...
  47. I

    Air conditioning unit with slightly open window

    Hi all, I want to buy an air conditioning unit while they're cheap and I know you're not meant to have any windows open. I have strange windows so cannot use the fishnet attachment, long story short, if I hang the hose out of the window and just try to close the window as much as possible, will...